Cajon Valley Unified Orders Removal of LGBTQ ‘Safe Space’ Posters

Cajon Valley Union School District staff are speaking out after Superintendent Dr. David Miyashiro ordered the removal of posters that designate classrooms as “safe spaces” for LGBTQ students and educators.

The posters are designed and distributed by a non-profit called the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN), whose logo is displayed at the bottom. Some groups have accused GLSEN of promoting “secret child gender transitions” because they oppose sharing information about students’ trans identity with parents without their consent.

Miyashiro ordered the posters removed after School Board Member Anthony Carnevale voiced his concerns about the group. The superintendent says the posters violate a district policy prohibiting the school district from taking “any side of a controversial issue.” 

At a recent board meeting, teachers and counselors spoke against the decision. Removing the posters would send a message to students that they are not accepted or safe, they said.

Miyashiro acknowledged the concerns of school staff and reiterated the district’s commitment to supporting LGBTQ students and staff in a video statement.

“On one hand we have the extreme left, and other hand we have the extreme right,” Miyashiro added. “Both sides are doing so much damage and causing so much harm.”