CSU Trustees Approve Tuition Hike

The California State University Board of Trustees approved a 6% tuition hike Wednesday, despite objections from student activists.

The increase will be implemented for the next five years as follows:

  • Increase from $5,742 to $6,084 in 2024-25 
  • Increase to $6,450 in 25-26
  • Increase to $6,840 in 2026-27
  • Increase to $7,248 in 2027-28
  • Increase to $7,682 by 2028-29

After the five-year period, CSU will reevaluate the plan.

The board’s vote was unanimous. CSU has not raised tuition in 11 years. A working group assembled last year determined that the cost of running the 23-campus system exceeds revenue. 

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