Ex-Montebello Schools Chief Wants District to Pay if He’s Found Liable for Sexual Harassment

Former Montebello Unified School District Superintendent Anthony Martinez wants the district to pay any damages he may incur stemming from a sexual harassment and retaliation suit filed against him by a former employee. 

Martinez is accused of trying to coerce plaintiff Walther Medina into a sexual relationship in 2021 with offers of money, education, and help obtaining U.S. citizenship. Martinez, who was later fired, was the superintendent of MUSD at the time.

Medina says he was touched inappropriately by the superintendent in his office and that photos of him were taken. When Medina rejected his advances, Martinez allegedly took retaliatory measures against him.

Martinez has denied the claims. In the event he is held liable, however, he has filed a cross-suit against the district that would make them foot the bill.

The district’s position is that this was a “purely private” matter between Martinez and Medina. It existed “outside the course and scope of employment, as a matter of law,” MUSD attorneys said.