Grossmont Union School Board Drops Mental Health Provider That Offered Gender Affirming Care

The Grossmont Union High School District will no longer contract with San Diego Youth Services to provide mental health support and programs at its 17 schools. On Aug. 14, the school board voted to cut ties with the nonprofit. That decision was reaffirmed at a meeting on Aug. 30.

Community members called on the board to reconsider the contract over San Diego Youth Services’ offer of gender-affirming care and other LGBTQ+ mental health programs. One GUHSD parent referred to the services as “creepy.”

GUHSD plans to expand its contract with another provider called Wellness Together. But the transition won’t be a quick one. It could take up to two months for GUHSD to get a licensed therapist back on campuses. According to KPBS, the district has been without licensed mental health professionals since the start of the school year.   

In response, GUHSD spokesperson Collin McGlashen issued the following statement:

“All of our Board members fully understand the importance of providing mental health services for our students. That’s why a special board meeting was scheduled tonight to expand the Wellness Together agreement and deliver mental health services at all of our comprehensive campuses. Wellness Together already has specialists on several of our campuses. While we don’t know for certain how long the onboarding process will take, that process will begin immediately. We fully expect Wellness Together to provide a comparable level of service.”