Hundreds of Schools Could Lose Funding Over Low Vaccine Rates

The California Department of Public Health has released a list of 570 schools being targeted for audits because of low vaccination rates.

As CADPH notes, “schools found to have improperly admitted students that do not meet immunization requirements may be subject to docking of ADA payments for those children.”

Over half of Oakland Unified’s 48 elementary schools are on the audit list, according to an analysis from EdSource. Oakland Unified district spokesperson John Sasaki previously blamed missed doctor’s appointments during the pandemic for delayed immunizations.

The school with the highest concentration of kindergartners who are not fully vaccinated is the Agnes J. Johnson Charter School in Humboldt County. An astounding 90% of the school’s kindergartners are missing at least one vaccine. Mountain Home Charter in Oakhurst and the Gorman Learning Center, which serves San Bernardino and Santa Clarita, came in second and third with incomplete vaccination rates of 83% and 76% respectively.

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