Sunol Glen Trustees Ban Pride Flag at Chaotic School Board Meeting

The Sunol Glen Unified School District in Alameda County passed a policy limiting flag displays last week. Under the new policy, only U.S. and California flags can be flown, making it a de facto ban on LGBTQ Pride flag displays. 

The 2-1 vote came after a packed and disruptive meeting where sheriff’s officials were called to escort members of the public out of the room. There was yelling, fighting among audience members, terse exchanges between members of the school board and the superintendent, and multiple calls for order. 

Supporters of the resolution say the American flag is already all-inclusive. Opponents, including the school’s superintendent Molleen Barnes, believe the policy sends an unwelcoming message to LGBTQ students and staff. 

According to Barnes, 90% of staffers in the district favor flying the Pride flag. She called the new policy “disheartening.”