Coalition Seeks Court Order to Stop TVUSD From Implementing Controversial Policies

The Temecula Valley Unified School District could soon be prohibited from implementing a pair of controversial policies, including a ban on Critical Race Theory (CRT) and a parental notification requirement for students who show signs of being transgender.

A coalition of parents, teachers, students and a union is seeking a preliminary injunction that would bar the district from putting the recently approved policies into action while the matters are sorted out by the courts. Public Counsel, which represents the coalition, is already suing the district over its CRT ban.

“Temecula’s students have no time to lose,” said Amy Eytchison, one of the teachers who filed the suit, in a press release. “The Board’s policies are denying them an accurate education and a safe school environment. They’re suffering personally, academically, and socially.”

“As a result of the Board’s censorship, Temecula students are being miseducated and left behind the rest of the State. Unless stopped, the Board’s actions will place these students at a permanent disadvantage in preparing for college, careers, and participation in a diverse democracy,” added Public Council supervising attorney Amanda Mangaser Savage. “The stakes could not be higher: This is the first case to attack, head-on, efforts to spread censorship throughout California. Its outcome is critical to demonstrating that curriculum bans, book banning, and the forced outing of LGBTQ students have no place in California’s public schools.”

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