Mystery Surrounds Sudden Outbreak of Illness at Elementary School

Tulare County health officials are investigating a mysterious outbreak of illness that prompted a lockdown at a Farmersville elementary school on Wednesday.

“Today on 12/6/23, Freedom Elementary had approximately 25 students who reported that they did not feel well in the afternoon,” Farmersville Unified Superintendent Sergio Chavez wrote in a memo to parents. “Staff provided immediate assistance. To ensure students well-being, the district nurse and emergency response was contacted. Upon arrival, emergency response began to evaluate student health. During that time, the school was placed on lock down to provide emergency response the room to address student needs.”

According to Chavez, emergency personnel transported some of the students “for further monitoring.” The school was locked down as a precaution, but classes resumed normally on Thursday.

The students reportedly began feeling sick after lunch time, which has led to speculation about possible food contamination. Others have raised the possibility that the children ingested cannabis edibles, which has led to similar outbreaks at other schools in the past.