Pacific Grove Unified Faces Questions After Threatening Incidents

Campuses in the Pacific Grove Unified School District will keep all doors locked following multiple trespassing incidents by a single individual.

According to authorities, a man named Riley Elvin entered Pacific Grove High School without authorization on Nov. 14. Administrators asked Elvin to leave and he complied.

Elvin then headed to Pacific Grove Middle School, trespassing onto that campus. He had to be escorted off the property.

Elvin returned to the high school the same day, prompting a lockdown. Once again, neither the district nor the school called police. 

One week later, Elvin returned to the high school and inquired about a library card. He was escorted off the property. Elvin then made a “threat” to the school’s principal and staff finally called 911.

“Elvin was booked at the Monterey County Jail on one misdemeanor for entering school grounds without registering with school officials, and two felonies for threatening the principal and making criminal threat,” according KSBW. Administrators would not provide details about what the man said.  

School and district officials have been asked why it took so long for them to report the incidents to police. Parents have also called for increased safety measures, some of which are already being implemented.

Doors at all campuses in the district will remain locked as part of the new security protocol. Last week, police met with Superintendent Linda Adamson to review current policy and discuss new efforts to increase safety at PGUSD schools.