CSU Could Ban Faculty from Making Political Statements on University Websites

Could a new era be dawning in higher education? 

On Thursday, the University of California Board of Regents will vote on whether to ban CSU faculty from making political statements on university websites and other official mediums. 

The proposal stems from controversy over the war in Gaza. In the fall, at least two ethnic studies departments posted statements on the website condemning Israel and expressing solidarity with the people of Palestine. One of the statements refers to Israel’s actions as “genocidal,” while the other accuses the Jewish state of “apartheid.”

Jay Sures, who chairs the board of regents’ compliance and audit committee, helped develop the proposal. He said it’s important that the personal opinions of individuals or groups not be “mistaken as the position of the institution itself.”

Critics of the proposal believe CSU is trying to silence faculty views, particularly on the conflict between Israel and Hamas. It comes amid a flurry criticism against the nation’s higher institutions — particularly by conservatives — as well as growing antisemitism on some college campuses. 

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