Oakland Tells COVID-Positive Kids to Come to School

At least one large school district is allowing COVID-positive students to come to class following new guidelines from the state’s health department.

The Oakland Unified School District unveiled the new guidance on Monday.

"The updated guidance moves towards a more symptom-based approach to COVID-19, similar to guidance for other illnesses,” according to OUSD. “Most important to note, the new guidance removes the recommendation for a 5-day isolation period following a COVID-19 positive test."

OUSD students are only encouraged to stay home if they have COVID-19 symptoms that aren’t improving or if they’ve had a fever in the past 24 hours.

Staff or students who test COVID-19 but do not have symptoms can come to work/school, but are asked to avoid elderly or immunocompromised people. They’re also asked to mask for 10 days.

The new policies have enraged some people with immunocompromised family members. On social media, some commenters asked how parents of immunocompromised students could be expected to send their kids to school.

The new CDPH guidelines with cited “reduced impacts from COVID-19 compared to prior years, due to broad immunity from vaccination and/or natural infection, and readily available treatments for infected people.” But OUSD’s policies are also a reflection of enrollment declines and the financial toll they have taken on districts around the state.

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