Hayward Trustee Tells School Administrator She Should be ‘Strung Up by a Rope’

A member of the Hayward Unified School District is under fire after telling a district employee that parents should “take a rope and string you up” during a public board meeting.

The remarks followed a presentation on the district’s Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). You can watch the exchange here at 3:07:00.

Ramos’ comments were immediately admonished by his colleagues and he was made to publicly apologize. Both the administrator and parent attendees appeared shocked.

Ramos went on to lambast a program known as “woke kindergarten,” which he described as “socialist.” He was cut off by a colleague for veering off topic.

Following the meeting, Trustee James Aguilar said the following:

"I often stay quiet when it comes to my school board colleagues, but this is bigoted, deplorable, and inexcusable behavior. I hope my other @HaywardUSD colleagues will move to censure Joe Ramos, and remove him from committee assignments. We just can’t let his rhetoric slide."