In Historic Verdict, Jury Finds Mother of School Shooter Guilty of Manslaughter

A jury in Michigan has convicted the mother of high school shooter Ethan Crumbley on four counts of involuntary manslaughter, finding she failed to heed warning signs or take proper precautions prior to her son’s attack.

This is the first time a parent has been convicted of manslaughter in connection with a school shooting in the U.S. Legal analysts say it could represent a new chapter in the nation’s efforts to enforce gun safety.

During the trial, the jury learned that the Crumbley parents had given their son the gun that he ultimately used to kill four of his schoolmates. Despite seeing his violent drawings, the parents did not confiscate the gun, nor did they get him mental health assistance, as was recommended by the school. The gun was not properly stored at home, allowing their homicidal son free access.

"There's this type of culpability out there now, that gross negligence is not acceptable in society," said Craig Shilling, whose child was murdered by Crumbley. "I hope it resonates in the minds of everybody for a long time. And I just hope that it creates some type of a change as it pertains to school shootings, these mass shootings and shootings in general."

Ethan Crumbley is serving a life sentence for the killings. His father will be tried separately on manslaughter charges next month.