Nude Deepfakes Rock Beverly Hills Middle School

The future is calling, and it is grave.

“Last week, officials and parents at Beverly Vista Middle School in Beverly Hills were shocked by reports that fake images were circulating online that put real students’ faces on artificially generated nude bodies,” the Los Angeles Times reports. “According to the Beverly Hills Unified School District, the images were created and shared by other students at Beverly Vista, the district’s sole school for sixth to eighth grades. About 750 students are enrolled there, according to the latest count.”

Nude deepfakes are a growing problem. The most famous target may be Taylor Swift. However, the situation at Beverly Vista Middle is a sign that the technology is increasingly being used by minors for purposes of student bullying.

School officials are investigating, and say they will dole out the harshest punishments possible to students caught generating fake nude pictures. But more is almost certainly needed at both the state and federal levels to prevent this from spiraling out of control.

So far, about a half dozen states have outlawed deepfake porn absent consent. California is not one of them.

Read more about the AI deepfake phenomenon and possible solutions here



Thursday, March 28, 2024 - 09:07

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