Meet the Latina Mothers Fighting for a Better Education at Sacramento City Schools

As the community school model proliferates across the state, efforts to engage parents are increasing too. 

Enter the Comité de Padres, or Parents Committee, at Sacramento City Schools. The group is made up of Latina mothers, many of whom are non-English speakers. It was made possible by a statewide grant focused on community schools.

The nonprofit, Sacramento Act, helped get the group started. But it’s the mothers that have given it life. 

Martha Pulido helps lead the group. She was always involved in her children’s education but, with help from the grant, she was able to take her participation a step further.

“While snacking on pan dulce and coffee, they discuss ongoing issues in their children’s schools and the best way to address them,” the Sacramento Bee reports. “The monthly meetings hosted by Sacramento Act offer an opportunity for parents to vent, provide advice to each other and, ultimately, empower themselves to become leaders in education.”

The group is important because non-English speakers often have communication barriers that can make their desired level of participation impossible. Meanwhile, data has repeatedly shown that parental involvement is key to student achievement. 

Sacramento Act and Comité de Padres are resetting the table, allowing monolingual parents like Alma Garcia — another member of the group — to be key decision-makers. It just may be the key to community schools’ success.



Thursday, March 28, 2024 - 09:07

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