Stockton Unified Official Suspended After Complaint Over ‘Unethical’ Expulsions

A Stockton Unified official says he was suspended last week and escorted off district property after raising concerns about unwarranted expulsions and declining enrollment.

Kenneth Goeken, director of child welfare and attendance, filed a complaint against the district last month. Goeken claims he was pressured to support “unethical” expulsions by the district.

Goeken has also stated that enrollment is declining because of a lack of student safety. Violence has become a major issue at campuses like Stagg High School, with two student deaths in the past two years.

After speaking with the media about his concerns, Goeken says he was handed a letter of reprimand and informed of his paid suspension. Police were reportedly called and he was told to pack up his belongings and leave.

The school district would not comment on Goeken’s allegations, calling it “a confidential personnel matter.”  

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