Audit Reveals Which Schools and Districts Have Been Fined for TK Class Size Violations

During the 2022-23 academic year, school districts and charter schools began facing monetary penalties for non-compliance with the state’s transitional kindergarten (TK) teacher-student ratio requirements. 

“Ten school districts and 22 charter schools were not compliant with the required average class size of not more than 24 students, resulting in fines ranging from $1,706 to more than $6.9 million,” EdSource reports

“Seven school districts and 16 charter schools will pay between $2,813 and over $1.1 million for failure to meet the 1:12 adult-to-student ratio for TK classes. 

"Three school districts and 12 charter schools were out of compliance in both class size and adult-to-child ratio.”

Below is a list of schools and districts facing fines.

  • Aspire Port City Academy charter school ($20,146.42)
  • A Big Picture Educational Academy charter school ($2,116)
  • Culver City Unified ($125,129)
  • Equitas Academy Charter School ($38,504.90)
  • Inglewood Unified ($335,056)
  • John Adams Academy charter school ($21,156.60)
  • Seven KIPP SoCal charter schools ($87,123.26)
  • Los Angeles Unified ($6,963,151.68)
  • Hesby Oaks Leadership Center charter school ($8,977.26)
  • Los Olivos Unified ($4,488.63)
  • Lowell Joint School District ($81,051)
  • Monroe Elementary School District ($1,706)
  • Cielo Vista Charter School in Palm Springs ($21,223)
  • Four charter schools run by Rocketship Education ($91,688.13)
  • Rowland Unified School District ($217,351)
  • Scholarship Prep Charter School in Oceanside ($22,833.88)
  • Voices College-Bound Language Academies charter schools ($12,846.44)

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