Cal Consulting Secures Over $45 Million in CDE Community School Partnership Funding

We are thrilled to announce a monumental achievement for California Consulting Inc and our esteemed clients in the education sector. Through our dedicated efforts and unwavering commitment to serving California's educational institutions, we are delighted to report that we have successfully secured over $45 million in funding through the California Department of Education (CDE) Community School Partnership Program (CSPP). 

This significant accomplishment exemplifies our firm belief in the transformative power of collaboration and advocacy in securing essential resources for our clients. The funding obtained will enable our partner institutions to implement innovative programs, enhance facilities, and provide crucial services to students, families, and communities across the state. 

Here is a breakdown of the Cohort 3 funding secured for each of our valued clients:

Kern High School District: $13,775,000 

Oroville City Elementary School District: $7,600,000 

Hueneme Elementary School District: $6,650,000 

Parlier Unified School District: $5,700,000 

Ingenuim Schools: $4,274,500 

Los Nietos School District: $3,562,500 

Azusa Unified School District: $1,425,000 

Coachella Valley Unified School District: $1,425,000 

Lemon Grove School District: $1,425,000 

This grand total of $45,837,000 underscores the significant impact of our collective efforts in securing vital funding for educational institutions throughout California. Each dollar secured represents an opportunity to empower schools and communities, enriching the educational experience and fostering  success for generations to come. 

The allocation of these funds will enable our clients to bolster their community partnerships, implement  evidence-based practices, and address the unique needs of their student populations. From expanding access to educational resources to enhancing wraparound services, the possibilities for positive change are limitless. 

At California Consulting Inc, we are immensely proud to play a role in advancing the missions of our clients and contributing to the betterment of California's educational landscape. We remain steadfast in our dedication to advocating for equitable funding and supporting initiatives that promote student success and well-being. 

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all of our clients who have been awarded funding through the  Community School Partnership Program. Your tireless dedication to serving your communities and nurturing the potential of every student is an inspiration to us all. 

As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, we reaffirm our commitment to standing alongside our clients, advocating for their needs, and championing excellence in education throughout California