Education Grants You Don't Want to Miss

The following list of grants was published by California Consulting, Inc.

CalFire: Urban and Community Forestry Green Schoolyards

Deadline: May 30th by 5:00 pm PDT

Amount: Between $200,000 and $6,000,000 awarded per application including no more than $1,000,000 per child care facility

Match: encouraged 25% of the project budget

Eligibility: Nonprofit, Public Agency, Cities, Counties, Qualifying School Districts, and Non-profit Organizations. 



The purpose of this grant type is to create green schoolyards to protect the health, well-being, and educational opportunity of children most vulnerable to increasing temperatures and extreme heat across California. Projects shall be centered around improving the environmental conditions and experiences for school children with the highest levels of co-benefits.

CA Dept of Education: Specialized Secondary Programs (SSP) Grant 2024-25

Deadline: May 29th, 2024

Amount: Up to $100,000

Match: No

Eligibility: The proposed SSP must be new to the identified school site(s) and will provide students with advanced instruction and training in high technology fields and in the performing arts in grades nine through twelve. All California public high schools, county offices of education, consortium of local educational agencies (LEAs), and direct-funded charter schools are eligible to apply.


The Specialized Secondary Programs (SSP) provides start-up funds for the establishment of a new specialized program or school, to provide advanced instruction and training in high technology fields and in the performing arts, for students in grades nine through twelve in high schools. The Legislature intends for SSP to benefit the state economy by having programs located in close proximity to areas in which these industries are located.

Funding is available for planning and implementing new programs.

CalSHAPE Plumbing and CalSHAPE Ventilation

Deadline: Can apply up until May 31, 2024

Amount: Varies depending on project

The California Schools Healthy Air, Plumbing, and Efficiency Program (CalSHAPE) provides funding to upgrade heating, air conditioning, and ventilation (HVAC) systems in public schools and replaces noncompliant plumbing fixtures and appliances that fail to meet water efficiency standards

School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP)

Deadline: STEP 1: Submit an SF-424 and an SF-LLL in


STEP 2: Submit the full application including attachments in JustGrants.


Amount: up to $500,000

Match: Yes, 25%

SVPP funding will provide up to 75% funding for the following school safety measures in and around K-12 (primary and secondary) schools and school grounds:

  • “Coordination with law enforcement”
  • “Training for local law enforcement officers to prevent student violence against others and self”
  • “Metal detectors, locks, lighting, and other deterrent measures”
  • “Technology for expedited notification of local law enforcement during an emergency”
  • “Any other measure that the COPS Office determines may provide a significant improvement in security”

The following school safety measures are available through the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s (BJA’s) section of the STOP School Violence Act of 2018:

  • Development and operation of anonymous reporting systems
  • Hotlines
  • Internet websites
  • Mobile telephone applications
  • Development and operation of a school threat assessment
  • Specialized training for school officials in responding to mental health crises
  • Training for school personnel and students to prevent student violence against others and self
  • Any other measure the BJA determines may provide a significant improvement in security

U.S. Dept. of Energy Renew America's Schools Round 2

Deadline: June 13th, 2024 5:00 pm EDT

Amount: TBD!,entities%20regardless%20of%20past%20participation.

The Renew America’s Schools grant is the program’s flagship funding opportunity. This competitive award focuses on funding infrastructure upgrades at K–12 public school facilities, prioritizing high-need school communities. The first round of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) launched in November 2022. After unprecedented public interest, the application period closed on April 21, 2023.