Recall Question Leading in Temecula Valley

Preliminary results from Tuesday’s recall election show Temecula Valley Unified School Board President Joseph Komrosky could very well lose his job. As of Thursday morning, the recall question was leading by 197 votes, or just over 2 percentage points. According to the Riverside County Registrar of voters, there are 150 mail-in ballots and 50 Conditional Voter Registration ballots that need to be counted. In recent elections, mail-in ballots have been favored by Democratic voters.

A Komrosky recall would represent a blow to the conservative school board movement, which saw a number of victories after the COVID-19 pandemic. It would come on the heels of another major loss — the recall of two right-wing trustees in Orange County on March 5.

Komrosky was among a group of religious conservatives who assumed control of TVUSD’s school board in 2022. The board spent the next two years embroiled in costly culture war politics. A report from the Press-Enterprise showed a 377% percent increase in the district’s legal expenses since 2022.

The five-member board lost its conservative majority in December when Danny Gonzalez resigned to move out of state. If Komrosky is unseated, the board will have just one right-wing member left, at least until voters go to the polls in November.