Safe Haven Districts

After the election results came rolling in several school districts took it upon themselves to issue resolutions declaring themselves "sanctuaries" for undocumented students, staff, and their families amid rising fears of deportation under the new federal administration. Multiple districts already had policies in place and simply reissued their promises. Additionally, in December 2016, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson issued a letter to County and District Superintendents, Charter School Administrators, and Principals calling for them to declare their districts and schools "safe havens."

Below we have compiled a list of school districts who have passed such resolutions, and we will continue to add more as more resolutions are passed. If we have missed your district or if you would like to correct any information, please email and we will include it.

Tom Torlakson - State Superintendent of Public Instruction (Public Schools Remain Safe Haven for California's Students)

California School Boards Association - Students Impacted by Immigration Status (CSBA Resources)


ABC Unified - Los Angeles County (Resolution 16-81)

Acalanes Union High - Contra Costa County (Resolution No. 16-17-15)

Alameda COE - Alameda County

Alameda Unified - Alameda County (Resolution No. 2016-2017.48)

Albany Unified - Alameda County (Resolution No. 2016-17-13)

Alhambra Unified - Los Angeles County (Resolution 16-17-16)

Alisal Union - Monterey County (Resolution No. 1617-27)

Alum Rock Union Elementary - Santa Clara County (Resolution No. 29-16/17)

Anaheim Union High - Orange County (Resolution No. 2016/17-BOT-05)

Arvin Union - Kern County (Resolution No. 9:2016/2017)

Azusa Unified - Los Angeles County (Resolution # 16-17:44)

Bakersfield City - Kern County (Resolution)

Bassett Unified - Los Angeles County (Resolution #17-17)

Bennett Valley Union - Sonoma County (Resolution)

Berkeley Unified - Alameda County (Resolution 17-050)

Brentwood Union Elementary - Contra Costa County (Resolution #2017-02)

Burbank Unified - Los Angeles County (Resolution No. 15)

Butte COE - Butte County (Resolution #17-11)

Calistoga Joint Unified - Napa County (Resolution 16-17-08)

Castaic Union - Los Angeles County (Resolution #16/17-32)

Castro Valley Unified - Alameda County (Resolution 52 - 16/17)

Central Unified - Fresno County (Resolution #16/17-33)

Chula Vista Elementary - San Diego County (Resolution No. 2016-17.67)

Coachella Valley Unified - Riverside County (Resolution No. 2017-49)

Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified - Sonoma County (Resolution 1617-21)

Davis Joint Unified - Yolo County (Resolution No. 37-17)

Delano Joint Union High - Kern County (Resolution #2016/2017-14)

Delano Union Elementary - Kern County (Resolution 113-17)

Dublin Unified - Alameda County (Resolution No. 2016-17-27)

El Rancho Unified - Los Angeles County (Resolution No. 30-2016/2017)

Evergreen Elementary - Santa Clara County (Resolution No. 13/16-17)

Fairfield-Suisun Unified - Solano County (Resolution No. 41-1617)

Franklin-McKinley Elementary - Santa Clara County (Resolution No. 2017-01)

Fremont Unified - Alameda County (Resolution No. 016-1617)

Fremont Union High - Santa Clara County (Resolution #1617-12)

Fresno COE - Fresno County (Resolution No. 2017-04)

Fresno Unified - Fresno County (Resolution No. 16-14)

Garden Grove Unified - Orange County (Resolution No. 20)

Gilroy Unified - Santa Clara County (Resolution # 16/17-34)

Glendale Unified - Los Angeles County (Resolution No. 17)

Guadalupe Union Elementary - Santa Barbara County (Resolution 2016/2017-25)

Guerneville - Sonoma County (Resolution #11-2016/2017)

Hacienda La Puente Unified - Los Angeles County (Resolution)

Hayward Unified - Alameda County (Resolution No. 1617-26)

Healdsburg Unified - Somona County (Resolution No. 17-20)

Howell Mountain Elementary - Napa County (Resolution No. 2017-11)

Hueneme Elementary - Ventura County (Resolution B16-17-08)

Jurupa Unified - Riverside County (Resolution No. 2017/53)

Lakeside Joint - Santa Clara/Santa Cruz counties (Resolution No. 16/17-06)

Liberty Union High - Contra Costa County (Resolution 2017-07)

Lincoln Unified - San Joaquin County (Resolution No. 17-01)

Livingston Union - Merced County (Resolution No. 10—2016/17)

Lodi Unified - San Joaquin County (Resolution 2017-19)

Long Beach Unified - Los Angeles County (Resolution No. 021517-A)

Los Angeles COE - Los Angeles County (Resolution No. 18:2016-17)

Los Angeles Unified - Los Angeles County (Resolution-032-15/16)

Lynwood Unified - Los Angeles County (Resolution No. 16-17/26)

Manchester Union Elementary - Mendocino County (Resolution # 1617-7)

Martinez Unified - Contra Costa County (Resolution No. 2017-21)

Merced COE - Merced County (Resolution No. 2017-06)

Montebello Unified - Los Angeles County (Resolution No. 21(2016-2017)

Moorpark Unified - Ventura County (Resolution No. 2016-2017-08)

Mt. Diablo Unified - Contra Costa County (Resolution No. 2016/17-34)

National Elementary - San Diego County (Resolution #16-17.21)

Natomas Unified - Sacramento County (Resolution No. 17-04)

Newark Unified - Alameda County (Resolution No. 2041)

North Monterey County Unified - Monterey County (Resolution No. 2016-1717)

Novato Unified - Marin County (Resolution No. 19-2016-2017)

Oak Grove Elementary -Santa Clara County (Resolution No. 1246-01/17)

Oakland Unified - Alameda County

Oakley Union Elementary - Contra Costa County (Resolution No. 2016-17/24)

Oxnard Elementary - Ventura County (Resolution #16-22)

Oxnard Union High - Ventura County (Resolution No. 17-12)

Palmdale Elementary - Los Angeles County (Resolution)

Palo Alto Unified - Santa Clara County (Resolution #2016-17.06)

Paramount Unified - Los Angeles County (Resolution 16-28)

Pasadena Unified - Los Angeles County (Resolution 2386)

Patterson Joint Unified - Stanislaus County (Resolution No. 03132017-A)

Pittsburg Unified - Contra Costa County (Resolution #16-12)

Planada Elementary - Merced County (Resolution No. 2017.06)

Pleasanton Unified - Alameda County (Resolution No. 2016-2017.28)

Poway Unified - San Diego County (Resolution No. 74-2017)

Ravenswood City Elementary - San Mateo County (Resolution No. 1195)

Rim of the World Unified - San Bernardino County (Resolution No. 16/17-11)

Riverside COE - Riverside County (Resolution No. 07-17)

Riverside Unified - Riverside County (Resolution No. 2016/17-39)

Rosemead Elementary - Los Angeles County (Resolution No. 16-17/05)

Sacramento City Unified - Sacramento County (Resolution No. 2915)

Sacramento COE - Sacramento County (Resolution No. 17-05)

Salinas City Elementary - Monterey County (Resolution 2016/17-13)

San Benito High - San Benito County (Resolution #2016-2017-022)

San Bernardino City Unified - San Bernardino County (Resolution)

San Diego COE - San Diego County (Resolution #2017-4)

San Diego Unified - San Diego County (Resolution)

San Francisco Unified - San Francisco (Resolution No. 74-24A2)

San Jacinto Unified - Riverside County (Resolution No. 16-17-23)

San Jose Unified - Santa Clara County (Resolution 2017-02-09-01)

San Leandro Unified - Alameda County (Resolution 17-07)

San Lorenzo Unified - Alameda County (Resolution No. 3505)

San Luis Coastal Unified - San Luis Obispo County (Resolution No. 08-16-17)

San Mateo Union High - San Mateo County

San Rafael City Schools - Marin County (Resolution 1707)

San Ysidro Elementary - San Diego County (Resolution No. 16/17-0008)

Santa Ana Unified - Orange County (Resolution No. 16/17-3157)

Santa Clara COE - Santa Clara County (Resolution No. 2197-3)

Santa Clara Unified - Santa Clara County (Resolution #16-46)

Santa Maria Joint Union High - Santa Barbara County (Resolution No. 9-2016-2017)

Santa Maria-Bonita - Santa Barbara County (Resolution 16-15)

Santa Monica-Malibu Unified - Los Angeles County (Resolution No. 16-15)

Santa Paula Unified - Ventura County (Resolution 2016-18)

Santa Rosa City Schools - Sonoma County (Resolution No. 2016/17-034)

Sebastopol Union - Sonoma County (Resolution 16/17-13)

Sonoma COE - Sonoma County (Resolution 16-17-17)

Sonoma Valley Unified - Sonoma County (Resolution No. 17-14)

South Bay Union - San Diego County (Resolution 17-002)

Southern Humboldt Joint Unified - Humboldt County (Resolution 07-1617)

Stockton Unified - San Joaquin County (Resolution No. 16-29)

Sweetwater Union High - San Diego County (Resolution No. 4468)

Tracy Unified - San Joaquin County (Resolution No. 16-16)

Twin Rivers Unified - Sacramento County (Resolution No. 630)

Ukiah Unified - Mendocino County (Resolution No. 14, 2016-17)

Vallejo City Unified - Solano County (Resolution No. 2736)

Ventura Unified - Ventura County (Resolution No. 17-04)

Walnut Creek - Contra Costa County (Resolution16-17-14)

Washington Unified - Yolo County (Resolution #1617-21)

West Contra Costa Unified - Contra Costa County (Resolution No. 54-1617)

West Sonoma County Union High - Sonoma County (Resolution #12.MAR.2016-17)

Windsor Unified - Sonoma County (Resolution No. 2017-23)

Woodland Joint Unified - Yolo County (Resolution 25-17)

Wright Elementary - Sonoma County (Resolution #02-02-16/17)

Yolo COE - Yolo County (Resolution #16-17/14)


Estimated total number of enrolled students affected by passage of Safe Haven Resolutions: 2,612,997
Enrollment number based off CDE data for the 2016-17 school year.